jeudi 25 juin 2009

Altuglas International announces plans for centralising and consolidating PMMA Sheet business in Europe

Press Release

Paris (France).
25 June 2009

Altuglas International announces plans for centralising and consolidating PMMA Sheet business in Europe

Altuglas International today presented its Central Works Council with plans to restructure PMMA Sheet business in Europe. This would entail centralising extruded sheet production in accordance with the requirements of major commercial partners, and improving the efficiency of cast-sheet logistics.

"Following on from the acquisition of the Repsol PMMA business in 2008, these plans form part of the growth strategy for Altuglas International. Providing ever-better service for our customers, optimising our logistics network and improving delivery times are our major objectives, while ensuring that our large cast-sheet customers remain central to our manufacturing and sales strategies," emphasises Christophe de Saint Louvent, President of Altuglas International.

Under these proposals, Altuglas International would invest in a new logistics platform at its Saint-Avold site in France, which would allow increased capacity for storage and preparation of cast sheet, to simplify and shorten delivery routes.

At the same time, to improve competitiveness in the extruded sheet business, Altuglas International would centralise production to meet the requirements of large European customers. Altuglas International would retain its most modern production lines. The plans would result in the loss of 76 jobs at the Bernouville site in France.

Altuglas International is committed to doing everything possible to find solutions for everyone concerned, specifically by internal redeployment either within the Arkema Group or externally, and to negotiate arrangements for early retirement financed by the company.

These proposals are subject to the legal process of information and prior consultation with bodies representing staff.

PMMA (or acrylic glass) is a widely used material in many industries. It has numerous applications in daily life, such as the new generation of television screens, illuminated signs, baths and rear light clusters for the automotive industry.

Altuglas International, a fully owned subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is world leader in PMMA. Its registered trademarks are Altuglas®, and Plexiglas® on the American continent.

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Béatrice TROUDET

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Béatrice TROUDET


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